EcoSystems offers a myriad of professional landscape services. Our landscape management and project teams maintain an unparalleled commitment to sustainable practice, while focusing on the health and condition of any campus’ landscape.

We deliver a unique maintenance service by:

  • Utilizing low emissions equipment
  • Soil testing, and treating for compaction, fungi and imbalance
  • Frequent water audits to ensure all irrigation components are functioning efficiently
  • Proper pruning technique
  • Mulching to maintain healthy water retention, retard weed growth, and aggregate soils
  • Monitoring and adjusting watering cycles according to seasonal fluctuation
  • 24/7 Emergency response
  • Monthly reports, such as: irrigation repairs, plant health and projected additional services required

We perform project work, such as:

  • Charging station installation/trenching, erosion control, and design/build pedestal
  • Lawn removal/free design, if replaced with Xeriscaping, or drought tolerant
  • Irrigation renovation/solar, smart system, valves, check valves, and nozzles
  • Hydro-seeding/native seed mix varieties
  • Paths, stairs & drives/permeable, local stone, hardscape, concrete, and decomposed granite
  • Drainage/foundation, retaining device, and/or surface run-off

The aforementioned project work is performed by a highly qualified team of industry professionals. EcoSystems Landscape Solutions has built invaluable partnerships with landscape industry leaders throughout the San Francisco bay area in order to deliver a solution to any request. Request a consultation today.

Corporate Consultation

Plant Maintenance


A consultation with one of our seasoned landscape experts is the first step in achieving your corporate landscape goals. We can help you devise an eco-friendly, sustainable plan for your business property. We look forward to hearing from you.


We provide a comprehensive range of maintenance services that ensure long-term enjoyment and beauty of your garden. Whether your needs include mowing, pruning, hedge cutting, or more specialized services, our team is available to meet your corporate campus garden needs.

Tree Management

Landscaping Design


Our landscape professionals are well-trained to provide tree management services, including surveys, tree-trimming, surgery, removal, and planting. Moreover, we can supply and plant a wide variety of trees and can assist you with selection, placement, and design.


Depending on your corporate campus needs, we can provide guidance and/or conceptual drawings for patios, gardens, lighting, paving, or pathway designs. Whether your vision includes stonework, hedges, or decking, we can execute your plan in a cost-efficient, eco-friendly way.

Planting & Seeding

Soil Management


We can implement a wide variety of planting schemes from small residential gardens to show homes, or large-scale estates. Our specialists can quote, supply, and plant a large assortment of shrubs, perennials, or bulbs to help you achieve your vision.


We understand the principles behind soil degradation and the management of organic matter and can assess the soil on your property for nutrient, organic matter, and drainage levels. Our team will deliver a comprehensive test result of your garden\’s soil, prior to recommending the best solution in building your garden “Soil Food Web.”

Soul Food


Soul Food is a team-building opportunity, which assists in helping others forge their own relationship with gardening. In partnership with Bon Appetit cuisine management, EcoSystems helps clients establish and grow organic, farm fresh vegetables on campus for direct delivery to on-site cafeterias.

Soil Analysis


Healthy, mineralized soils contribute to the overall beauty of landscapes, lawns, and trees. We can evaluate your soil and develop a plan to optimize the health of your plants and roots.